What Can You Build?

You might have found our website from a QR code, and we wanted to give you something fun to do when you get here, as well as finding out all about we have to offer! Snap a screenshot and show us what you’ve built, and we will put a little gallery together. Find us on Facebook here or use the WhatsApp button!

Creative Engineering Activities in Devon and Online

We provide creative engineering workshops and classes to children and adults with LEGO®, construction toys, recycled materials and nature.

Our LEGO® Sense sessions have been running in Devon and online for over 3 years and are highly acclaimed!

We run our own classes and workshops, work with schools and groups, partner with local organisations, and offer parties, corporate team building, wedding entertainment, and a variety of other bespoke sessions. We also put on and facilitate free community and family events, which provide a warm space, hot food and drinks and a safe space to play together. 

Our workshops and classes can be tailored to any age, ability and needs. We are proud to work with adults and children with special needs and disabilities, as well as focusing on improving mental health and well-being through our engineering activities. All our services are inclusive.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us. You can use our contact form, drop us an email, or find us on Facebook or Instagram. You can also WhatsApp us or give us a call on 07542648909.