Junior/Junior Plus Membership

Thanks for your interest in our weekly LEGO sense classes. On this page you can register for classes at any of our venues and sign your children up to become members of Stemgineering with Nick, and set up a recurring monthly payment for the classes. The timetable is at the bottom of the page so you can see which classes are when. 

Having a monthly membership gives you a fixed low rate for classes and workshops (junior plus membership),  which is  stress free as you (and us!) don’t have to worry about remembering to sign up each term or get payment reminders from us. 

In addition, our young engineers get to become members of Stemgineering; receiving a membership pack of their own, which includes  lots of positivity inspired goodies, and a branded T-shirt they can wear to the sessions if they want to. This gives a sense of inclusion which can boost self esteem, confidence and happiness! 

To register for our membership, fill in the form below. When you click submit, you will be redirected to our Ko-Fi site, which is where all our donations and membership fees are handled. 

Ko-Fi support charities and organisations like ours without taking a fee (like other crowdfunding and e-commerce companies), so all your money comes to us, instead of paying admin fees. This means we can spend more money supporting our community with funded places, free family events and supporting our SEN children. 

Thank you!