LEGO Sense

Nick has been providing LEGO® Engineering classes since 2018 across North Devon and online. Katherine, Nick’s wife and business partner, and a creative arts teacher and creative play expert, saw the potential of Nick’s engineering background and talent for working with children, and came up with the idea of LEGO® Sense.

These classes and workshops are built around creative engineering ideas with LEGO® bricks.

We run 4 regular weekly classes a week in Barnstaple, Bideford, Abbotsham and Torrington. Check out our timetable for all the details.

We have a new Junior Membership option which allows a low fixed monthly payment option for our classes. You can find all the details of that here.


The sessions are inclusive and enriching; inviting anyone to unleash their imaginations and engineering skills on our LEGO® bricks. Nick leads the sessions with a theme or concept and gently guides and encourages participants to problem solve, design, create, fix, and enjoy building!

Classes include activities such as making LEGO® zip-lines, designing elastic band powered cars, building windmills that power a light, bridge and tower construction challenges, creating kinetic sculptures, exploring perpetual motion, and so much more… 


Nick is a qualified and experienced vehicle engineer, working for Audi for a decade, and continuing to use his engineering skills in vehicle and engine repair today, alongside Stemgineering with Nick. He has many years of experience teaching and facilitating activities for children and young people, as well as being a father to 3 children (2 of whom are home educated) from 7 months to 13 years old.

Nick is passionate about accessible and enjoyable education; struggling with dyslexia himself; he understands that mainstream education is not for everyone, and wants to inspire and support everyone in their learning journeys at whatever stage of life they are at.

All Nick’s sessions aim to not only develop creative engineering skills, but to also build self esteem, confidence, and communication skills, and boost mental well being. Our approach is person centred, child led (where we have children participating) and one that facilitates learning and fun, rather than prescriptive teaching. We believe that everyone can benefit from the time and space to create freely, especially with nurturing guidance and a safe environment.

In addition to our weekly classes we run ‘quiet sessions’ for children who are Nuer-divergent or have sensory or SEND issues in North Devon.

We also provide workshops for adults with mental health difficulties, special needs and disabilities. We offer LEGO® Sense workshops in various school settings and for groups such as Scouts and other organisations. 

We also run online classes for children and young people. You can find more information here